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Third-Party RAS MODEM.INF Files

Summary: The Microsoft Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) lists a number of modems supported for use with Windows NT Remote Access Services (RAS). Modems not listed on the HCL, however, work with RAS if you supply RAS with the command strings required by the modem. You can supply RAS with these command strings by appending a new section for your modem to the %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\RAS\MODEM.INF file.
Some modem vendors have created MODEM.INF sections for their unsupported modems to operate with RAS or to update the MODEM.INF for their supported modems. The table below lists third-party vendors, their phone numbers, and the names of files containing MODEM.INF sections.

More Information:

ManufacturerFile NameAvailable FromNotes
HayesMODEM.INFBBS: 404-446-6336Includes support for the
CompuServe: GO HAYES
Optima 28.8 PCMCIA modem
Hayes Technical Support:
IntelPCMINF.EXEBBS: 503-264-7999Includes WfWG 3.11 RAS
CompuServe: GO INTELF
support for Intel PCMCIA
Intel Technical Support:
MegahertzRASDRI.EXEBBS: 801-320-8840Modified RAS scripts for
CompuServe: GO MODEMV
all Megahertz modems
Megahertz Technical Support:
MultiTechWINNT3.ZIPCompuServe: GO MODEMVModified RAS scripts for
all MultiTech modems
MultiTech Technical Support:
US RoboticsMDMUSR.INFBBS: 847-982-5092Modified RAS scripts for
CompuServe: GO MODEMV
all US Robotics modems
US Robotics Technical Support:
ZyxelRAS.ZIPCompuServe: GO MODMEVModified RAS scripts for
Zyxel modems
User- DevelopedTIMODE.TXTCompuServe: GO TINEWSIncludes support for the
TI Banksia Internal 14.4 modem

For additional information about MODEM.INF files for Windows NT RAS, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
modem.inf and ras

NOTE: If you plan to use an unsupported modem with Windows for Workgroups RAS, request a Windows for Workgroups RAS MODEM.INF section from the modem vendor. If the vendor does not have one, you may be able to use a Windows NT RAS MODEM.INF file section by removing the following lines wherever they appear in the MODEM.INF file section:
DETECT_STRING= <custom_command_string>
DETECT_RESPONSE= <custom_response_string>
The third-party products discussed here are manufactured by vendors independent of CiNet; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

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