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MODEM.INF Settings for US Robotics Modems

Summary: US Robotics has a file available containing updated MODEM.INF settings for use with all of their modems. These MODEM.INF settings have been tested with the Remote Access Service (RAS) software included with Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT version 3.1, and Windows NT version 3.5. The file, MDMUSR.INF, can be downloaded from the US Robotics BBS at (847) 982-5092.

More Information:

Enclosed is the contents of the file MDMUSRV2.INF. To use this file, you can either rename it to MODEM.INF and place it in the \WINNT\SYSTEM32\RAS directory or add the settings to the existing MODEM.INF that ships with Windows NT. In either case, be sure to backup the original MODEM.INF before making changes. If you choose to add the settings from MDMUSRV2.INF to the existing MODEM.INF, be sure to delete or comment the original US Robotics sections included in the MODEM.INF.

Contents of MDMUSRV2.INF
; MDMUSRV2.INF ; ; For use with Windows for Workgroups, NT 3.1, NT 3.5
; 10/25/94 - modified to include PCMCIA aliases ; 12/12/95 - modified to allow 33.6 connections ; - MAXCONNECT jumped to 57600
; - COMPRESSION_ON changed to &K1
; - &a3 changed to &a1 to eliminate superflous result codes

; General non-connect responses that all USR modems generate...
OK=<cr><lf>OK<cr><lf> LOOP=<cr><lf>RING<cr><lf> LOOP=<cr><lf>RINGING<cr><lf> ERROR=<cr><lf>ERROR<cr><lf> ERROR_NO_CARRIER=<cr><lf>NO CARRIER<cr& gt;<lf> ERROR_VOICE=<cr><lf>VOICE<cr><lf> ERROR_NO_DIALTONE=<cr><lf>NO DIAL TONE<cr><lf> ERROR_BUSY=<cr><lf>BUSY<cr><lf> ERROR_NO_ANSWER=<cr><lf>NO ANSWER<cr>& lt;lf>
; General connect responses that all USR modems generate...
CONNECT=<cr><lf>CONNECT <ignore>/NONE<ignore> CONNECT_EC=<cr><lf>CONNECT <ignore>/ARQ<ignore>
; Since serial port is locked, carrier rate is irrelevant. The RAS ; client calcuates link rate after connection is accepted.

[USRobotics General]
; This selection can be used by almost ALL USRobotics modems!
; * ITU-T standards are on by default to ensure compatibility with ; non-USR modems.
; * X4 is set to ensure compatibility with Sportster modems. Advanced ; dial features for Courier can be activated by placing X7 in the dial ; string. (i.e. phone number field contains "1-708-676-1059X7"
CALLBACKTIME=10 DEFAULTOFF=speaker MAXCARRIERBPS=33600 MAXCONNECTBPS=57600 <speaker_on>=m1 <speaker_off>=m0 <hwflowcontrol_on>=&h1&r2 <hwflowcontrol_off>=&h0&r1 <compression_on>=&k1 <compression_off>=&k0 <protocol_on >=&m4 <protocol_off>=&m0 <autodial_on>=ATdt <autodial_off>=ATd COMMAND_INIT=AT&f&a1x4e1q0v1s0=0s7=55s2=128<cr> COMMAND_INIT=AT&b1&c1&d2b0x4<hwflowcontrol><compression><protocol><speaker> <cr> COMMAN D_DIAL=<autodial><phonenumber><cr> COMMAND_LISTEN=ATS0=1<cr>
; US Robotics modems are defined in original MODEM.INF are maintained ; here for installation purposes

[US Robotics Courier Dual] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Courier HST] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Courier V.32bis] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Sportster 2400] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Worldport PCMCIA 14400] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Sportster PCMCIA 14400] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Courier PCMCIA 14400] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics Sportster 9600] ALIAS=USRobotics General
[US Robotics V.FC/V.34] ALIAS=USRobotics General

The US Robotics products discussed here are manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

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