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Cannot Install Modem After Removing and Reinstalling RAS

Symptoms: After you remove and reinstall the remote access service (RAS) in Windows NT 4.0, the Install New Modem Wizard may be unable to detect your modem.


Removing and reinstalling RAS in Windows NT 4.0 causes the Modem.inf file to be overwritten. Any changes or modifications made to the previous Modem.inf file are lost.

NOTE: The Modem.inf file is not overwritten during the normal Setup process. During Setup, the current versions of the Modem.inf, Switch.inf, and Pad.inf files are not altered, and new versions of these files are saved as,, and


If your modem is not on the Windows NT 4.0 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), use one of the following procedures to install your modem:

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