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Troubleshooting Modem Problems Under Windows NT 4.0

Summary: This article describes procedures to help you diagnose and fix problems when you are unable to dial out using your modem in Windows NT 4.0 with Dial-Up Networking (DUN).

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Installing Your Modem

If your modem is not on the Windows NT 4.0 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) or is not detected by Windows NT, use one of the following procedures to install it:

Verify Your COM Port(s)

Verify that Windows NT recognizes your COM port(s) by double-clicking the Ports icon in Control Panel to see if the COM port that the modem is connected to is listed. If it is, Windows NT recognizes the COM port. If the COM port is not recognized in the Control Panel Ports applet, there is most likely a hardware problem or a configuration problem. Use the following steps to troubleshoot the problem.
External Modems

Internal Modems

Troubleshoot with HyperTerminal

Verify that Windows NT recognizes your modem and that you can dial out using the HyperTerminal program. To do so, follow these steps:

NOTE: Before attempting to use HyperTerminal, verify that the Remote Access Server service is not running. Double-click the Services icon in Control Panel and verify that the Status column next to Remote Access Server is blank. If it displays "Started," click the Stop button to disable the Remote Access Server service before continuing.

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